A detailed process is the best way to help ensure an association’s financial security. 

So what are the steps?

1) Review of association’s Balance Sheet and financial statement

We review our clients' Balance Sheet and financial statement to understand the association's cash flow needs so that an appropriate CD ladder can be recommended.

2) Provide detailed investment recommendation

Recommendations are emailed to your community manager the month prior to a CD maturing or when the money market balance exceeds a predetermined amount.

3) Follow up on recommendation

We follow up on each recommendation approximately 30 days after it is issued to ensure effective communication between our firm and the board of directors.

4) CD Purchases

We have access to a very robust inventory of FDIC insured CDs from across the county from which to choose appropriate maturities.

5) Periodic Review

We continually monitor each association’s accounts to help ensure our three priorities are being met: Safety, Liquidity, and Yield.