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01. About Us

We are dedicated to providing best-in-class investment management for community associations by focusing on: Safety, Liquidity, and Yield.

02. Our Philosophy

As a firm, we understand the board of director’s responsibilities to protect and maintain the value of their association’s assets. We strive to help the board of directors properly manage the association’s investment assets in FDIC insured securities with maturities properly “laddered” to meet anticipated cash flow needs.

03. Our Process

We provide written investment recommendations the month prior to a CD maturing or when money market balances exceed a predetermined amount.  Monthly statements are mailed to the property management company as well as being available online.

Our Services


Investment Management for Reserve Funds

We manage reserve funds for associations throughout California and neighboring states. By speaking with your community manager, the board members, and reviewing the most recent Reserve Study, we develop a “laddering” plan that strives to keep enough funds liquid in an FDIC insured money market to...

Investment Management for Excess Operating

The industry standard is to keep approximately 2½ times the association’s monthly operating expenses in a local bank operating account selected by your management company. If your association has significantly more operating assets than that, it is recommended the excess be placed in an “Excess...

Investment Management for Special Function (e.g. Settlement/Reconstruction funds)

Many associations receive surplus funds as a result of a Construction Defect Settlement or other such litigation. These funds are typically very significant in amount relative to the regular reserve funds and have a higher liquidity need. In these cases, we can manage an account, separate from your...


We are dedicated to providing best-in-class investment management for community associations.